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Grow Your Business During AEP with Annual Enrollment Leads

AEP Leads for 2014

October 15, 2014 – December 7, 2014

AEP Season is fast approaching and now is the time to order leads in this competitive time period. TargetLeads® has been generating leads for the senior market for over 29 years. We have high quality AEP leads for the Annual Election Period. Response rates for Open Enrollment Period mailers average 1% nationally depending on the mail piece and state. Response rates usually drop later in the season – so do not wait to place your orders.

The Annual Election Period or Open Enrollment is the only time of the year during which individuals who are eligible to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan can enroll in a plan in the Marketplace. Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is a hugely competitive marketing time period and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to grow your business during AEP!

Our leads are NOT preprinted and can easily be customized for your company’s compliance needs.

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Annual Enrollment Leads - AEP Leads

Open Enrollment Leads - AEP Leads

*The samples above are generic and may need additional text for your CMS compliance.

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5 Ways Direct Mail Crushes the Competition


I don’t have to tell you that we live in a digital world – you’re reminded of it every morning when you grab your smart phone, turn on your computer or tablet and check your email. On these devices consumers are constantly bombarded with online marketing ads, emails and phone calls, but your marketing can cut through this noise to reach your consumer. How? Easy – through their mailbox.
Direct Mail Benefits Infographic

Every day 98% of consumers reach into their mailbox grab their mail and take it inside their home. From there it is sorted and reviewed, and most importantly it is in the hands of the person in charge of managing household operations1. This mail moment is only part of why direct mail continues to crush its competition, read on for 4 more reasons.

Direct Mail is Personal and Emotional

  • 67% of people feel that direct mail is more personal than the internet. Why? Direct mail is delivered directly to their home and is tangible. Tangible media causes more emotional processing and brain responses for internal feelings which leaves a deeper footprint.2
  • Direct mail is so personal that 75% of people open their mail3, 56% of people say receiving mail is a “real pleasure” and 55% state they “look forward” to discovering the mail they’ve received!1

Direct Mail Captures Attention

  • Consumers spend an average of 25 minutes each day reading direct mail.1 Whereas, 6 in 10 people spend only half an hour or less per week opening and browsing marketing email.4 With direct mail you have the chance to have your consumer’s time in one day as you would for the entire week with emails.

Direct Mail is Targeted

  • 2/3 of this country’s citizens have registered for the Do Not Call List5 that means if you are only using telemarketing you are missing out on the majority of your potential consumers.
  • 52% of US Households have a DVR6 so your TV ads are being passed by. Not to mention the millions of people that leave the room during commercials and those you are reaching that have no interest or are not qualified for what you are offering.
  • Radio and Newspaper are like TV as a reach media. Why reach out to everyone when you can focus on your target audience?
  • Direct mail is targeted by location, age, income, interests and more!

Direct Mail Creates a Reaction

  • Response rates are 5 times higher than their closest competitor (paid searches) and 37 times higher than email marketing! (Direct mail averages a 1.1-1.4%, email is .03%, internet display ads are .04% and paid search is .22%)7
  • 71% of internet leads are never contacted!8 For those that are contacted, immediate response is vital to making the most of the leads and there are very few companies that are able to reach these consumers within the best time frame to qualify and sell them.
  • Direct mail doesn’t have the immediacy that internet leads do – consumers expect a wait time – after all it is a mail response.

Direct mail continues to show why it is relevant in this digital age. Of course we all know that having multiple channels of marketing is your best solution, so don’t miss out on the one that’s been around the longest and still continues to outperform its competition.  Are you using direct mail?  Let us know your results or get started today!

Sources – 1: USPS Mail Moment 2: Millward Brown Case Study 3: Direct Mail Information Service 4: Blue Kangaroo ChoozOn Survey 5: FTC, 2012 6: Leichtman Research Group 7: DMA Response Rate Report/Harvard Business Review 8: Research

Why Choose Direct Mail?

In today’s business world there are numerous marketing options available to get the message out about you and your product, so why choose direct mail?

Simple: Because direct mail works and every lead response is 100% exclusive!  Each mailer is targeted to your specific market audience and reaches them at their convenience, without interrupting their dinner or workday.

Internet leads can only access the 45%* of seniors that have a computer with internet service. How are you marketing to the other 55%?

Email blasts are fast and reach a large market quickly, but response rates are low and blasts can be expensive. With junk mail filters improving daily, many emails go unseen.

Newspaper ads, billboards, TV ads, radio ads… are expensive and do not allow you to target to your specific audience (i.e. by age, income, etc.…). These marketing efforts completely rely on the consumer listening to that radio station, driving a specific route or reading that section of the newspaper.

The “Do Not Call” law has limited who you can and cannot call for telemarketing leads. On average, 80% of Americans ARE on the “Do Not Call” list. How are you reaching this 80%?

On the other hand: 100% of your target market has an address. Choose direct mail when creating your next marketing effort and reach the potential prospects you may have been missing!


*Direct Marketing Association estimation