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AEP Webinar Extended to View Another Week!

AS OF TODAY there are only 5 days left until the AEP season begins!

AEP season is starting early and it’s almost here, so get your direct mail out now. Give yourself time to recieve leads and contact them before AEP is over.

                    We have extended our  AEP Webinar: How to set Medicare Appointments and Close the Sale for viewing. The link on one of our previous posts will only be available until Oct. 14th.



For a Limited Time: View our latest Webinar!

Happy Friday!

I got to briefly introduce myself during the webinar. Nervous much? Seeing a webcam stare back at you is a bit more intimidating than you would think, but I must say Don Runge is a pro at it! His energy and excitement when giving information to help agents is infectious.

We ended the session with a great Q&A with Don Runge.  Don tried to answer all of the questions, but did not have enough time. Everyone whose question was unanswered will be receiving an answer through email. If you still have questions or view the Webinar and have more, leave us a comment and we will do our best to answer it for you.

This AEP season we hope to help you with a few tips and techniques. Our goal is to help you make the most from the leads you purchase from Target Leads.

We have provided the video of the webinar for anyone who would like to watch it again or was unable to attend. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to get tips from Don, as it is only available until October 7th. Also, the PDF file (phone scripts will be in the file) with Don’s notes is available using the link below.

* *Check out the video now. It is only up for a limited time.**

Webinar: How to set Medicare Appointments and Close the Sale (Will be available until Oct 14th.)

PDF FILE for notes


Look out for future emails or notifications for upcoming webinars. Always feel free to comment below on topics you would like to see on our future webinars.

FREE Webinar: How to set Medicare Appointments and Close the Sale!


Pull out your day planners, smart phones, or the piece of paper you hold in your pocket to track your appointments. Is it full of Medicare prospects? How many of those appointments have you closed? Whether the numbers are staggering inconsistencies or you feel like you deserve a pat on the back for your great success our next webinar with Don Runge, The Lead Guru, promises to be a learning experience.

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 29th at 11:00 am CST

Limited Seats!

Register today to reserve your spot!

Webinar in the Making: Take One

The first time trying anything new is always exciting, entertaining and a great learning experience. Our first training Webinar with Don Runge was not an exception.

Putting a webinar together is not as easy as it seems. With a short time to plan we had to get right down to business. I gathered everything possible I had to record the webinar with. Laptops, wires, and just a bit of nerves – we were making progress with the set up.  We put together an email and sent it out to our clients as fast as possible.  Some received it only two days in advance.  Ideally we would let everyone know at least ten days prior to give each of you time to plan, but plans changed and we had to go with the flow.  We were astounded at the immediate response and before Friday there were over 200 people registered! I guess the famous movie quote is right! “Build it and they will come.”

Richard, braving the Texas heat, came into town to be a part of and help organize the entire process.  Thursday there was a dry run to make sure everything was in order and it seemed as though it would go off without a hitch.  Our check list looked great – Webcam, check. Phone for audio, check. Notes, check.  Presenter, check.   We were ready…

Friday at 11am sharp, we started.  Shortly after that we realized our phone system kept informing everyone that people were “joining the meeting” and unfortunately, we had to lock all new calls so attendees could actually hear the Lead Guru.  Note for next time: Use new phone system. (Technology -1.  TargetLeads – 0.)

During the webinar one of the two cameras we were using to record the session decided it did not want to wait to try out Don’s techniques and tried to leap off of the computer and get started!  Richard decided the best course of action would be to climb over the desk, out of the camera’s view, and save the camera from a fatal fall.  (TargetLeads- 1. Technology- 0.)

The rest of the webinar went smoothly and we ended with just over 100 attendees. One thing that is very apparent is technology is such a powerful resource and we plan to use it to our fullest ability to our agents.   We truly hope everyone learned something new and would like to join us for a future training webinar.

From the survey we sent out after the webinar here is what agents had to say:

Best Advice Given:

 ”What to say if you stop by to see non-responders”  W.M., Christiansburg, VA

“What to do with the list aside from the responders…”  B.C., Charlotte, NC

“I want to stop by and get you to sign a card that says you are not interested in
what we have to offer.”  L.P., Council Bluff, IA

Over all Feedback:

“Very clear, concise, practical, simple, and effective seminar. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to many more.”  H.V., Douglasville,GA

“I’m going to give you a 1000 piece mail order as a way of saying thanks.” B.C., Charlotte, NC

“This was a great tool for me to get started, I am a new agent starting out.” H.L., San Jose, CA

All of our clients are greatly appreciated and we want to help you make the most out of each lead.  We were able to record the webinar for all of those that could not attend and if anyone wants to view it again.  Click to view the Video: How to Effectively Work a Direct Mail Lead and the Notes. (TargetsLeads-1. Technology-0.)

Final score: TargetsLeads – 2. Technology-1.
 If you have topics you would be interested in hearing in one of our upcoming webinars please leave a comment!