Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Search Screen (Wildcard)

As you’ve seen in our last couple of Tuesday Tips posts the search screen is the most efficient way to find groups of leads and quickly contact them.  Today I will show you how to find a specific lead when you can’t quite remember their name, how they spell it or if you have just partial information.

Tip: Within the search screen use the wildcard (%) to find leads when you are unsure of exact information.

Using the Wildcard (%)

First click Search_thumb3 at the top Left. The search screen will then open.


  • Enter the partial information you know, then place a % for the rest of the data.
    • In this example I knew the last name started with a B and they were in the 939 SCF Zip Code.
  • After entering the partial information, click Search.
  • This will pull up all leads that match the criteria you have selected.
    • Here you can see the search results gave me all leads that start with the letter B (and 939 as the zip code)
  • After searching you can click on the lead you were searching for, then click View Selected to view the lead detail.

The wildcard can be used in one or multiple fields. If you are looking for a lead’s information, but are unsure of the spelling or their name, complete telephone number, zip code or any other field; Use the % to find leads with partial information.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Subscribe today or visit us next Tuesday to receive more information on using the Search Screen.

~Mandy :)

Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Search Screen (Phone Numbers)

Today we continue the series of tips on utilizing the Search Screen.  [Here is a quick link in case you missed last week’s introduction: Search Screen (DOBs).]  When contacting leads it is important to try to reach them when and where they are most likely to be available.  Some people fill out their home phone while others may give you a work number.  Knowing which number is given allows you to quickly contact people during hours that they will be most reachable.   

Tip: Maximize your time contacting leads by searching by the type of phone number given.  Use the No Phone #s search to group leads for other types of follow-up.

Searching for Specific Phone Types

First click Search_thumb3 at the top Left.  The search screen will then open.


  • To the right there is a Search for Leads with: Drop-Down.
  • Select which type of phone number (or email address) you would like to search.
  • After you select the phone type click the big Search above the drop-down.
  • The leads that have a phone number listed in that field will then be listed in the Search Result.
  • Click Select All to highlight the leads, then select what you would like to do with these leads. 
    • If you would like to contact them and use just the computer, click View Selected.  The selected leads will then be the only leads you are working with.
  • To find leads that do not have a phone number click the box beside No Phone #s, then click Search.
  • These leads will then be listed under the Search Result.  Click Select All to highlight those leads.
  • You can then try to contact them using a letter by selecting “Write Letters”.  Or if you have cards and need address labels, click Print, then choose the option 5160 to merge their information to an address label.

Get creative and combine the searches!  Select No Phone #’s and also search for leads with an email address and try to contact them via email.  Selecting leads based upon phone number or email address allows you to minimize the time you spend shuffling through your leads so you can reach prospects quicker.

If you have any questions, please let us know!  Subscribe today or visit us next Tuesday to receive more information on using the Search Screen.

~Mandy :)

Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Search Screen (DOBs)

The Search screen within TL LeadManager has several ways to search and filter your prospects and clients.  Today we will start with just one of those to begin our series of posts about The Search Screen, your new best friend.

By using the search screen you can search for leads and their spouses who have upcoming birthdays. Use this to mail out birthday cards or letters encouraging them to re-evaluate or investigate their current insurance options before the prices increase.

Tip: Use the Search Screen to find upcoming birthdays.

Searching for Birthdays

First click  at the top Left.  The search screen will then open.

  • To the right is the DOB Section of the Search Screen.
  • Enter the first date you want to start your search with.
  • Choose the Type from the drop-down menu.  In this example we did a Between search, which triggered the To: Box to allow us to enter in a second, ending date.  You may also choose to search by: = , > , < , >= , or <=
  • In this example we now see everyone who has a birthday starting in October and going through to December.
      • You can filter this even more by adding a day or year date.
  • By selecting the box “Search Spouse DOB?” you will also include the lead’s spouse in your search.
  • After your dates are entered, click the big Search under the DOB choices.
  • All leads with matching criteria will be listed in the Search Result below.
  • Click Select All to highlight the leads, then select what you would like to do with those leads.
  • If you want to view them to contact by phone, click View Selected.  If you would like to send them a letter click Write Letters.  Or if you have birthday cards and need address labels, click Print, then choose the option 5160 to merge their information to an address label.

By searching for leads or clients with upcoming birthdays you can reach them before their prices increase.  You can help them and make the most out of all your leads and clients in TLLM.

If you have any questions, please let us know!  Stay tuned for even more information on using the Search Screen.

~Mandy :)

AEP Webinar Extended to View Another Week!

AS OF TODAY there are only 5 days left until the AEP season begins!

AEP season is starting early and it’s almost here, so get your direct mail out now. Give yourself time to recieve leads and contact them before AEP is over.

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Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Action Items

Today Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S and their new voice activated personal assistant, Siri.  TLLM may not be able to tell you the weather or give you directions to the highest rated restaurants nearby, but we can keep your lead follow-up simple.  At the top of your lead detail screen you can find most of your follow-up. 

Tip: Use the Action Items to quickly find and follow up with leads for appointments, tasks, calls and new leads.

Located below the Search button and above your lead detail you will see your action items.  This menu is automatically populated as you create follow-up for your prospects and clients. 

Action Items

As you set appointments, calls, tasks or mailings your action items will instantly update.  If you set a call for two months from today, when you log in that day you can click on People To Call Today and that person’s name will appear in the list. 

Action Items Simplify Your Follow-Up

  • When you first log into the system immediately check for New Leads – always in red words
  • Contact the people you have set to call that day
  • Gather your appointment information for that day
  • Prepare for your appointments coming up the next day
  • Mail groups of letters at one time (Letter Writing Tips)
  • View and attend to any tasks

When you click on any of the action items the list of leads, in each of those categories, will appear in the Search window.  You can then quickly follow-up with all of those leads.  View them to contact by phone, Print to take with you on appointments or Send Letters to those you need to mail.  Using these gives you the ability to follow-up with minimal effort.  It may not be voice activated, but we still think it’s pretty neat.

If you have any questions or suggestions on tips you’d like to see, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to cover it in an upcoming post.

~Mandy :)

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I got to briefly introduce myself during the webinar. Nervous much? Seeing a webcam stare back at you is a bit more intimidating than you would think, but I must say Don Runge is a pro at it! His energy and excitement when giving information to help agents is infectious.

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This AEP season we hope to help you with a few tips and techniques. Our goal is to help you make the most from the leads you purchase from Target Leads.

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Look out for future emails or notifications for upcoming webinars. Always feel free to comment below on topics you would like to see on our future webinars.

Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Categories

Looking for all of your homeowners, golfers or tennis players?  Would you like to search for leads that responded to a specific mailing campaign?  Want to identify your Private Leads?  Look to the bottom left of your Lead Detail screen and you’ll see exactly what you’re looking for: Lead Categories.

Tip: Use Lead Categories to group leads/clients for easy searching and follow-up.

The Lead Categories are located at the bottom left corner of the main Lead Detail screen.  When leads are entered into the system they are automatically assigned two categories.

1.  Assigned or Private

      • Assigned  is given to you by management or through a lead/list purchase
      • Private is a lead you data entered yourself

2.  Batch or Mail Campaign

      • This will indicate the type of mailer the lead responded to and how they responded, allowing you to tailor your call to their requests.

These two categories allow you to quickly search for all of your Private, Phone, Open Enrollment, Long-Term Care or other types of Leads from the search window. 


You can also add categories of your own – anything you would commonly search for.  For example: If you want to send homeowners information on discounts, send golfers a customized golfing holiday card or maybe indicate which leads are on the Do Not Call List, this function is going to do the trick. 

Adding a Category

  • Click on the + button beside the Lead Category Box and a new window will pop up. 
  • Click New Category to add your category.  A pop-up window will open. 
    • If it doesn’t, check the top of your screen for a yellow-bar indicating a Script Window is trying to open and click allow.
  • Type in your new category in the script box, then click OK.
  • In the category list box, click Done.  The new category will be added to that lead.  
  • If you already have the category set up, all you have to do is click the + button, then click on the category, then Add. 

Add a Category -  TL LeadManager

Adding categories is there to help you quickly identify and search for leads/clients when needed. After categories are set you can search the group within the Search window and send letters, emails or follow-up with a call. 

Have you used or added categories?  Leave a comment below with the categories you’ve found most useful.  And, as always, if you have any questions please let me know.

~Mandy :)

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Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Letter Writing

Do you ever want to send a client a quick “Thank you” or try to contact a lead by sending a “Cannot Contact” letter, but just don’t have the time?  Well, TL LeadManager has a quick, easy way to send letters!

Tip: Use letters to connect with clients and prospects.

From within TLLM you can create and send personalized letters.  Once you have the letters saved, within a few minutes you can send letters to all your leads/clients with upcoming birthdays, annual reviews or try to contact leads you haven’t been able to reach with a phone call.  You can add logos, pictures or if you have pre-printed letter head you can adjust the margins on the letter to accommodate for that.  Create these by clicking Letters at the top right of the lead screen.

Birthday Letters - TL LeadManager TargetLeads

Send a single letter by clicking Other Options on the lead you want to send a letter to, then click Send Letter.  When the letters window opens select the letter you wish to use, then click the print button.  You will then see a preview of the letter with the lead’s information merged directly into the letter. 

Send personalized letters to a group of leads by using the search window and the option Send Letters.  Don’t want to handwrite all of the envelopes for the group of leads?  Use the “5160” print option within the search window and easily print labels!

If you want more information or would like help with the process, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Stay tuned, as we anticipate adding even more follow up card and letter features! 

~Mandy :)

TLLM Updates: Printing Lead Information

Recently we updated the way our system prints your lead/client information.  This change was made because the old version of our report viewer was causing our entire system to time out when a lead/client had call notes that would exceed one page.  This was unacceptable, especially since we want and encourage you to take many notes and record everything on the computer! 

Our programmer spent several days investigating reporting software and landed on one we happen to already have, just were unaware of.  After several more days of writing and creating the new report viewer he found that it would crash after 13 pages… Long story short; After a few more programming bugs, several calls with Microsoft Tech support (whenever they found it convenient to call us) and some updates – we have a new report viewer.  Of course, as with everything new, there are some changes to the old way and a few exceptions to using this new report viewer for printing with call notes.

We have several options on how you print lead information and some of these use the new report viewer and others use the old report viewer.  When using the old viewer you will print as you normally have.  The printer icon is located at the left and is available across all browsers. 


The printing options that include call notes all use the new report viewer and there are a few changes on how you print.  Here is the breakdown of printing options by report viewer:


Printing from Internet Explorer

Printing from within Internet Explorer is quite simple and straight forward.  Other browsers require a couple extra steps.  After you select your print option (shown above) a new window will open.  There is a toolbar across the top, within the window, for the new report viewer the printer icon is to the right.  After you click the printer icon your Printer dialog box will open, then click OK and your lead information will print.


Printing from non-IE Browsers

When using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari the printer icon will not be accessible.  To print leads you will first have to save them as a PDF.  To do this, click the Save icon to the right, then select PDF from the drop-down menu.  Next either open the file or save it, then print from the PDF as you normally would.


Note: Chrome and Safari will also open the report viewer, but you will not see the leads in the viewer.  After you save and open the PDF you will then see all of the leads and they will print.  Some browsers may require an additional Add on install – click the install and you should be able to proceed.

If you have any questions or something does not work properly, please let us know.  I will update this page if we come across any other exceptions within the various browsers.

~Mandy :)