TLLM Updates: 2012 First Quarter RoundUp

It’s almost April which already brings us to the end of the first quarter! We may have taken a little hiatus from posting on our blog, but believe me we’ve been hard at work and haven’t forgotten about you!

Since the beginning of this year we’ve updated our main website,, our TLLeadManager info site and we’ve added a few new features to TL LeadManager.  The updated sites aren’t just to look fancy, but to also give you easier access to everything we have to offer.

As we move past the first quarter of the year we hope to continue to give you new features, opportunities, and updates to look forward to. There are quite a few projects in the works and we are looking forward to them coming to fruition in the coming months (you’ll have to stay tuned to see what they are). 

Many of our users give us fantastic suggestions for features and functions you’d like to see or “bugs” that need to be fixed and we appreciate each of these.  Often our best, and most used features, come from you since you use the system daily and count on it to help manage your business and leads.  So, without further ado, here is the roundup of the features and updates so far in 2012!

Lead Card Images: You can now print ALL of your lead card images at once. 

How to:  From within the search screen, find the leads with a scanned lead card image that you would like to print, click Select All , then click LC’s (Lead Cards).  This will bring up a new page with all of the images for you to quickly and easily print.  Within the new window, print like you would any other site.

Select Lead Card Size: On the lead card screen you can now view different sizes of your scanned images.  Choose the % from the dropdown or choose “Actual Size” (be forewarned, this can be quite large).  This will change the lead card image to your selected size.  When you move off of that lead and come back it will default back to the size that will fit to your screen. 

Letter Template: We have removed the Select Letter dropdown and replaced it with a simpler list to the left of the window. Now you can easily see which letter templates are the pre-formatted, uneditable templates and which are the templates you have created. Choose your letter by simply clicking on the template you want to view or print from the list on the left.

Mail Jobs Details: On the Stats page under Mail Jobs we have added your total number of sold leads and premiums for each job.  Now you have a more in depth report on each of your orders and your success, to determine exact ROI.  To get full use of this functionality it will depend on you updating statuses and adding basic policy information.

How to: Change the status to Sold/Placed and click the +/- button beside the drop down menu.  The policy window will open, click “Add Policy” and enter your basic policy information.  Include the Payment Mode and Modal Deposit to calculate annualized premium.  This will automatically update your number of policies and premiums within the Stats page.

Bug Fixes: Our system was built to work in Internet Explorer, but we know many users have other browsers and we are always trying to make our features available within all of them.  We have found a way for Safari, Chrome and Firefox to allow you to go directly to a specific lead by entering the number at the top right.  In the, now white, box at the top right simply click inside, enter the number and hit enter and you will be taken to that lead.  We have also adjusted our search screen so the buttons at the bottom are easier to see and adjusted margins within the print windows so the lead’s data does not overlap.

So, which of these updates are you most excited about? And as always, let us hear your suggestions on what features YOU most want to see!

~Mandy :)

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