Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Lead List

We are now a month into AEP season and hopefully you have received many leads to contact.  As you are working your leads, you may want to view just their basic information to quickly contact them.  With TLLM you can view your leads in a list format and update their statuses, add notes or call back dates. 

Tip: Use the Lead List to view a list of your leads for making calls quickly.

Click Lead List Lead List from the tab options

Lead List View


  • Edit fields you view by clicking the double arrows on the top left
  • Selected fields are shown on the left and unselected fields are on the right.
  • To make changes click on the fields you want to view (or not view) and then click the arrow in the middle to move from one column to the other.
  • After you are finished making changes, click Save and Redisplay List.
  • The fields you select will then be displayed for each lead on the right.

Click the double arrows on the top left to remove the field selections and view your lead list

Lead List View

  • Quickly make your calls, update statuses, add must call dates or add general notes from the lead list.
  • Click SAVE on the left if you make changes.
  • Click VIEW on the left to go the lead’s detail screen for full features

At the bottom of the screen is the navigation for your lead list. 

From this navigation you can move through pages, go to the very last page or the first page, change the number of leads per page (default is 20) or view all leads. 

The lead list view can also be used after you have done a search (more info on our search screen).  From a search click select all, then view selected.  You will be taken to the lead detail screen, then click lead list and you will see only those you searched for in the list view.  By using the list view you can quickly work through your call backs, must calls or new leads.

I hope this will help you contact all of your AEP leads and help you stay organized!  Do you need more AEP leads?  Contact TargetLeads today!

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment!

~Mandy :)

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