Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Print Labels

December is here and so are the holidays.  Sending holiday cards to all of your clients should be quick and easy.  With TL LeadManager you can address all of your envelopes and cards in a few simple steps.  All you need is a little time, some basic mailing labels (Avery Template 5160) and our software.

Tip: Use TLLM to print clients’ and leads’ address labels for holiday cards.

Printing Labels

First click Search at the top left.  The search screen will open.


  • Search for the leads or clients you would like to send the cards to.  An easy way to find them is to search by categories you have added or by status (ex. Sold).
  • Then click the big search on the right.
  • All of your leads/clients will be listed.  Click Select All under the list, then click Print.
  • After you click Print your will see your print options to the left.  Click 5160.  This is a basic mailing label. 
  • A new window will open with your chosen leads/clients addresses formatted and ready to print.
  • Click the printer icon at the top left to print the labels.

Print Labels

  • You may want to test the alignment by printing just one page on a blank sheet.  If the alignment is off, you can adjust the margins by changing the label positions. 
  • Move the labels to the right, by changing the left position.  To move the labels down, edit the top position. 
  • Click Re-Run Labels twice.  This will refresh the labels.
  • Then click the printer icon.

That’s it!  You can then place the labels on the envelopes for all of your leads/clients and drop them in the mail. 

We wish everyone a very happy holiday season! If you have any questions please comment below or contact me.

~Mandy :)

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  1. Richard Herzog on said:

    Nice job.

    Richard Herzog/Seattle

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