Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Search Screen (Dates)

Today we are going to conclude our Tuesday Tips on the Search Screen.  There are still areas of the search screen we have not covered, but we have included many tips and hopefully given you ideas on using this great feature.  Our last tip is to show you how to find your leads that were assigned (or re-assigned) within a specific time frame.  Often you may log in and click on your New Leads, then receive a phone call (or simply get distracted) and have to log out of the system.  After you log back in your new leads have been added to your database and may not be as easy to find.  You may have already guessed it, but yes, you can use the Search Screen to quickly locate and group these leads.

Tip: Find leads by their assigned (re-assigned) date and sort them by acquired date.

Searching by Dates

First click Search at the top left.  The search screen will open.


  • To the left, under Lead Info, you will see Assn Date: (Assign Date)
    • Re-Assn Date (Re-Assign Date) is for leads that have previously been assigned such as B Leads, Recycled Leads or Transferred Leads
  • Enter the first date you want to begin your search
    • To search for your New Leads assigned that day, enter today’s date
  • In the “to” field enter the end date or leave it blank to search for everything past the initial date including today
  • You can also sort your Search Results using the Order By:
    • Here we sorted by Acquired Date, but there are many options in the drop-down and can be used for all searches, not just date searches
  • Click the Search button on the right
  • Your results are listed below and you can quickly view, print, export, write letters or email them.

This search allows you to view your new leads, search for leads that have been assigned within the past 3 months and try to contact them before your 90 window expires or find leads that were assigned this year to calculate your end of the year numbers.  Whatever your reason this search will save you time!

As we wrap up our series on the Search Screen we hope you’ve found these tips helpful.  Remember you can combine searches to quickly and efficiently find and contact leads.  With the holidays just around the corner you can see just how simple it is to find your leads and send them holiday cards or letters. 

If you have any questions, please let us know.

~Mandy :)

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