Why Choose Direct Mail?

In today’s business world there are numerous marketing options available to get the message out about you and your product, so why choose direct mail?

Simple: Because direct mail works and every lead response is 100% exclusive!  Each mailer is targeted to your specific market audience and reaches them at their convenience, without interrupting their dinner or workday.

Internet leads can only access the 45%* of seniors that have a computer with internet service. How are you marketing to the other 55%?

Email blasts are fast and reach a large market quickly, but response rates are low and blasts can be expensive. With junk mail filters improving daily, many emails go unseen.

Newspaper ads, billboards, TV ads, radio ads… are expensive and do not allow you to target to your specific audience (i.e. by age, income, etc.…). These marketing efforts completely rely on the consumer listening to that radio station, driving a specific route or reading that section of the newspaper.

The “Do Not Call” law has limited who you can and cannot call for telemarketing leads. On average, 80% of Americans ARE on the “Do Not Call” list. How are you reaching this 80%?

On the other hand: 100% of your target market has an address. Choose direct mail when creating your next marketing effort and reach the potential prospects you may have been missing!


*Direct Marketing Association estimation

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  1. Ben Waugh on said:

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

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