Email Format

This is the most popular way for customers to receive their prospecting list. Email lists can be sent in Excel, ASCII, or D-Base formats.

When you receive your list via email, it is easy for you to import it into your current contact management system, create mail merge letters and/or mail merge labels, print your own call list, etc... You also don't have to wait for the list to be shipped to you so turn time is much faster.

Prospect List in Email Format

Peel and Stick Labels

Also called Pressure Sensitive Labels can be used for a number of things. Most clients use them when mailing their own mailers. They just peel the label with the preprinted prospect name and address and affix it to their mailer. Some clients also use them to put on 3X5 cards so they can easily keep notes on the prospects after calling on them.

Standard format is in sheets 3-up for a total of 30 to a page. Custom label formats are also available upon request.

Prospect List on PSLs Peel and Stick Labels


This format is great for telemarketing efforts and can include phone numbers and month/year of birth upon request. Lists can also be double or triple spaced to allow great note-taking room. Lists are normally sorted in zipcode order then alphabetized by last name but custom sorting is available upon request.

Printed Prospect List Manuscript


A CD is a great alternative for customers who want to receive their list digitally but don't have an email address or can't receive larger files via email. CD-ROM's can also be sent in Excel, ASCII or D-Base format.

Prospect List on CD-Rom

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