TargetLeads® is the only company contracted with the state of California to bring you state approved and state endorsed LTC Partnership lead mailings. These highly qualified letters are excellent ways to generate quality LTC prospects. Contact us to see a copy of this highly qualified, government endorsed lead program. We know you will be impressed.

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We are very proud of the program and our association with the California Partnership. We have been running this program in California for over ten years. This Long Term Care Lead Program is proven and consistently provides a return on investment of 2 to 3 times plus. Long Term Care lead generation has become an interesting endeavor and persistency is the key. Not every mail drop of 1,000 pieces will result in a sale, but our clients that mail consistently more than make their money. It is recommended that individual producers mail 1-2 thousand pieces every 2 to 3 weeks. This will generate an appropriate flow of leads, appointments and sales without overwhelming your life. If you can consistently close 10% of your long term care leads, you will be profitable.

One of the greatest things about direct mail lead generation is the ability to turn it on, turn it up, or turn it off.

If you are serious about increasing your LTC production and you are licensed in California, you seriously need to consider trying 1 to 2 thousand pieces. All state partnership leads are distributed using our contact and lead management software program, TL LeadManager®. TLLM will help you quickly contact these leads, manage your workflow and help you keep track of exactly how much money you are making and spending. Our CRM was designed specifically for Life and Health agents.

To participate in this program, you must be registered, have a current and active license in the state of California and you must be current on all your CE courses.

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